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Patents, utility models and industrial designs

Patentes y marcas, modelos de utilidad y diseños industriales

A patent is a title that recognizes the right to exclusively exploit the patented invention, preventing other manufacturers, sale or use without the owner's consent. As a counterpart, the patent becomes available to the public for general knowledge.

The Patent can refer to a new procedure, a new device, a new product or an improvement of the same.

For processing or even when it already holds this title it may be affected by problems or conflicts between others. That's why if required an expert report on patentability, to compare the patent, state of the art, complaint/victim of patent infringement, similarities of patents, reports of opposition of patents, auditing or any report on these issues, please contact MGA appraisals and we will be able to help you.

Same is true with the title of the Utility Model that protects inventions with a less inventive range than those protected by patents, for example, giving an object a configuration or structure of which is derived some utility or practical advantage.

The device, instrument or tool protectable by utility model is characterized by its "utility" and "practicality", not your "aesthetics" as in industrial design.

In the field of Industrial Property, industrial design it is understood that the appearance or ornamentation of a product or a part of it, that makes it visually different to others without taking into account any of its technical or functional features. The product definition is very broad and it ranges from both industrial products and artisan crafted.

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