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Express reports

Tasaciones express

Do you need an appraisal in less than 24 hours?

We can help you to know the price of any item in less than 24* hours. If this schedule might not be fulfilled we would return your money.

Ideal pricing as a first reference for sales, inventories, inheritances, auctions, comparative prices, indicative valuation, etc.

You will get a value estimated in record time. If you then want or need an official appraisal will deduct the amount you paid to the price of the final cost.

MGA appraisals will pass you a budget and there will be no pricing until the budget is approved and paid.

Peritacionesmga se reserva el derecho de modificar las presentes condiciones generales de contratación, y/o las condiciones particulares que, en su caso, se incluyan.

MGA appraisals reserves the right to modify these general conditions of contracting, and/or special conditions which, where appropriate, be included. In the case not to verify the payment of the requested provision of funds, means that the client has withdrawn the request.

*24 hours from the receipt of the payment. Price: from 25 Euros. Pricing without legal validity.

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