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Expert's reports leather

Peritajes de cuero y piel

The leathrt can be of various types according to their animal of origin, with hair or without hair, there is a tanning treatment, treatment for its finish, or condition that it is.

MGA appraisals can appraise articles of leather or if necessary we can also do the valuation of damage (broken, soiled, hitches, origin determination/author of the error, manufacturing defects ... ) in sofas, jackets, coats, pants… . (Determination of genuine leather or fake leather).

If you are in need of clarification in controversies related to insurance, the investigation of the source of the error or damage, in financial transactions, sales/purchase, or any clarification MGA appraisals can provide you with the expert evidence or report required to solve any type of conflict between these or other. Please feel free to contact us.